August 08, 2012

Paris, you old BITCH

Dress: Tart
Shoes: Be&D
Watch: Tourneau
Necklace: Liens by Chaumet
I love Paris because she is a temptress that has all the tricks of seduction up her sleeve. Each time I leave her, I fool myself to thinking I have gotten Paris out of my system. Couple of months passes by and like an addict I am back to craving Paris. Her streets wear the parfum of patisserie and chocolatier shops that are my aphrodisiacs, and her boutiques make my heart flutter. Paris, you are so beautiful, I want to wear a red, long ballgown all day long and walk in your streets. You old bitch, why don't you just get out of my head and leave me alone?
Look at us, we are so pretty and sweet.

Can I please have it all?

"oh ze life is zooo aaard, I must smoke cigarreeettes"
Haute bourgeois in the 16th

Pensive me
Blazer: Priorities
Blouse: Moschino
Leggins: H&M
Necklace: Family heirlooms


  1. WOW this is so chic, I´d love to see more posts like this! You have a great taste,very similar to mine! Check out my new post I think you´ll like it !

  2. you are SO right ;) lovely outfit! im going to paris again in 7 days.. joooppi! paris is a temptation alright.

  3. Oh, I love those pictures, especially the one with chocolates, i love them!
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