August 07, 2012

L’Amour Fou (Crazy love)

If Yves did not have crazy love of Pierre Bergé, then we would have never had Yves Saint Laurent.  It took unconditional love and support from Pierre so the world could have had the genius designer that we knew. The documentary focuses on the art auction they have collected during their lifetime.  After Yves passing, as Pierre puts it: “It is time to let the birds fly away”.  At the closing footage of the auction, Bergé is asked whether he thinks, if he had died first, would Yves Saint Laurent have sold their belongings as he is doing. Bergé replies he believes the designer couldn't have let go of the collection as it would have created a void in his existence. Seems Yves grabbed on his materialistic belongings  just as much as women today who clutch onto his purses  to validate their status.


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